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The Little Earthenware Dishes

I can't really describe how happy I am in this very moment.  Accomplishment, satisfaction, those 2 things don't get to soak up much time in my mind space, not to say they don't, I'm just saying they don't get to stay for very long.  Okay now that I've over explained that, I will attempt to continue in the greatness of this moment. AHHHHHHH.  It has taken me a while to accomplish these dear dishes.  I love them to pieces and while I'm closely approaching my 50 year mark on this earth, they seal the deal on accomplishments in my last days of my 40's.

I recently read the book. MANS SEARCH FOR MEANING by Victor Frankl.  Oh how i soaked up his words, his life and his courage to withstand the most unthinkable circumstances.  Logotherapy- his theory founded on the belief that human nature is motivated by the search for a life purpose. 

I have found myself saying that I have accomplished my life purpose. AHHHHH, well at least it feels that way, right now in th…

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