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For there are times that my eyes are open, but i cannot find  my way.
The papers are too stacked and my list have high numbers. I feel as if i cannot move and  undo the tasks before me. The push of the universe is not even enough to get  me to budge.
I only push back in stillness and in thought. I don't know where to start, what to do. The universe is overwhelming the papers, the jobs, the many  different jobs.  How many  hats do i wear?  Is it ok?  Am i ok? Is this ok?
Where do i start? on this Monday. I will pray first and  foremost,  for direction  and guidance.
And i will then, slowly step into the space of the world.  Where it seems so vast and unfamiliar.  There's no one to tell me what to do.
Until i pray then my actions will be thoughtless and come natural. I do not have to worry. Only believe that all this will be ok As i walk up and down the stairs I see the same things that  I pass by repeatedly. i will do this when the time is ready.
For now the things that  com…

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