For there are times that my eyes
are open, but i cannot find 
my way.

The papers are too stacked
and my list have high numbers.
I feel as if i cannot move and 
undo the tasks before me.
The push of the universe
is not even enough to get 
me to budge.

I only push back in stillness
and in thought.
I don't know where to start,
what to do.
The universe is overwhelming
the papers, the jobs, the many 
different jobs.  How many 
hats do i wear? 
Is it ok? 
Am i ok?
Is this ok?

Where do i start? on this
I will pray first and 
foremost,  for direction 
and guidance.

And i will then, slowly step into
the space of the world.  Where it
seems so vast and unfamiliar. 
There's no one to tell me what
to do.

Until i pray then my actions will be thoughtless
and come natural.
I do not have to worry.
Only believe that all this will be ok
As i walk up and down
the stairs
I see the same things that 
I pass by repeatedly.
i will do this when the time
is ready.

For now the things that 
come before are much more
needed at hand.

Like the pencil to paper
to get all the thoughts
from my mind. so that i 
can see what has been 
left behind.

As i walk up and down i feel
numb and slow to get started
on all the mundane tasks.
For they all seem so repeated
and without thought.

My mind is asking for something 
different to explore.
A new playground to run.
But still is where i end up
in the muck of papers and 
laptops and screens and files
and lines and numbers.
Balances and totals. 
Deadlines and reports.
Phone calls and voice mails,
orders and messes to take care of.

Where is the space to just sit
and stare and do nothing.
But write and and see all that is left before and behind.
Then we will know for what to
pray and what to ask.
Where to be guided and 
what is needed.

For there is nothing more important
than your sanity.  the quietness 
of your soul to see how it sits
in the midst
of the chaos that the world has 
put before you.
As you look over and around and 
down on it.  You will be given a peace
that will surround
and comfort you.
And then you will start one by
one,  task by task.
In a sense of calmness that 
was asked.

there is no need to worry
and no need to hurry
For your vessel is here
to breathe of clean and 
crisp fresh air
that only comes from not any

Go and be and stay as still as 
you may.
it  all will be ok.
Your life is being guided and 
protected and you only 
have to pray and all your
chaos will go away. 


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