Nothing matters

Nothing matters
No one understands 
All the thoughts that 
Surround in my head
It's best just to remain silent 
Nothing matters 
All the ways that people perceive 
It's just me and I'm complicated 
So I'll just remain to myself
At least I can talk amongst my own voices that swirl out of 
And in the end they will all tire 
From the never ending results 
That can't be found 
To speak aloud will sound 
Foreign to those that have 
Not also been lost 
But to only my mind will 
The thoughts become a toss
between what's right 
And what's wrong 
It could be that I will never know 
The right thing to do
What to say and 
What not to
Nothing matters 
Because in the end it will 
Get tossed into the world
Of all the other heads 
and then they too will 
Become confused 
Nothing matters 
I will continue to 
Remain scared 
Of saying anything out loud 
It's just better this way 
To only deal with myself and 
Not all the other opinions 
of everyone else
 that try to make sense 
Of the thoughts in my head. 
For how can they 
When the one 
that knows them best 
is not even able to pass the test 
Of this life lesson of figuring out 
I'd just rather 
Say to myself 

Nothing matters . 


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