To love forever

to love forever

i know not how
i want to, I’ve tried times before
I’ve searched times that i would find,
the one that would last.

is it that i can be learned
how my heart will not be burned
by the fire that so often goes out.

to love forever
i want to know how this can be.
for I’ve not been able to see
i want to chose the one.
that i can be with until the end.

im scared that i will never learn
this love that doesn’t go away
I’ve protected myself so long
with the unrealistic expectations
that weren’t even of me
but for them 
for i was not able to choose
because of the boundaries that 
i never learned to have.
the self love that never was
the confidence that never came.
for my love was a shame.
i will not stay when it goes array
when the pain of my heart
realizes that it was not real from the start.

please show me how 
to do this love forever
maybe i see that you love me 
for me.
and I can put down the walls 
and be myself
for now that you will have the 
heart for me.
the one that is meant to love me 
then i will trust and let go of everything
that i thought was built around lust
for love is not such
the love forever that i want so much

how can i love forever
show me how i can do this
for this i choose to do 
with you.

when i become scared please show
me how to talk.
for all  i know is how to block
my feelings are not use to being out
only tucked away
until it is time to walk away
from all the grey

the blue is the only hue
that i want our love to be
like the sky on a beautiful day
our love is what i want to stay

thats all i will want to do is 
love you forever
not walk away to find the green
on the other side
for you are the only one 
that i want that is suppose
to be with me
the one that i was meant to 
love forever
all the mistakes brought me to you
and for this i can now be 
the one that has learned to love 
teach me love me for i want us 
to be - the one and no more two.


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