There is silence and then there is music

Even though I speak and listen to others Iam still in silence in my head. I speak and listen but I still do not hear. In silence is where I feel safe. I can hear my self better when I do not speak. and when others speak I still hear myself better. There is so much going on in my head that the outside world only confuses me. So I therefore embrace silence. When Iam by myself you will find me in the complete stillness of my own world. And then there is a time when I will become a bit more awakened and embrace the sound of music and in this moment I become taken away from all those thoughts in my head and I can breathe a bit more deeply and it refreshes my mind to only get back to my default mode of silence and a more refreshed way of being.


Watering Words said…
I love what you shared, because you gave us a bit more of your heart, beyond the words and paint of your work. Music has a current, that if we could just harness it at times we may flow at speeds that break the cords which bind us to our own world and carry us in a direction that allows us to see new scenery, the landscape of someone else's.

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