there are a list of things i need to change for the upcoming 2010. my head is spinning with list, ideas, and so many things that i need to do.

the kids are out of school and i cant seem to get anything done work wise and its so hard because i really want to work and get started on my new business plan that i still havent finished putting on paper. im trying to enjoy this time off with kids. patience and serenity is what i have to remind myself.

im not one of these moms or artist that has the perfect life or atleast some of these blogs i read it seems to come across that way. iam a mom with a 2 year old and a 10 year old and a 13 year old, we are all in therapy and thats all ill say about that for now. except the 2 year old he is not in therapy but screams and shouts all the time because his sibling aggravate him.

dont let me get started on my marriage OMG. thats all i will say about that except for this one thing, having a relationship is one of the hardest things. per a therapist and me.

okay so last but not least my career. im an artist im very sensitive and im not a social butterfly im much more of an introvert than extrovert. its hard for me to write i keep alot of stuff inside. per a writer dont think about what you write just write so thats what im trying to do each time i do a new blog post. i want to have followers as you can see i only have a few but im trying to change how i write so it can be more interesting so im just being myself and writing whats on my mind and not thinking to much so therefore i might get myself in trouble, well maybe not, as long as i dont write about my marriage. maybe later ..i doubt he even reads my blogs.

so back to change here are some things im trying to change for the biz. for 2010.

press i need press this year
followers i need more followers change how i write my blog. more interesting
be more organized
atleast 3 new paintings a month
dont give myself more than i can do with the life that i have
keep my goals on a big board in my studio
tweet and blog everyday
do better with the accounting side of my biz. i suck at this
follow up on my leads

im hoping i can keep up with these changes . i will keep you updated, let me know if you have any ideas. thanks


Sissy Sparrows said…
Hi are very talented, I just love your art work. My sister is very good at drawing and painting....I just purchased her the Kelly Rae Roberts book for her Christmas present...still waiting for it to arrive!
Isa Maria said…
I have a massive list of things to do for this coming year too. It can be hard when you have a family, relationship and a business and you are trying to juggle them all. I'm trying to succeed in my business as well as create a resource for small business owners, look after my toddler full time and still be a wife and keep a nice house. It's a struggle but we will get there!
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hey girl just let it be!!!!!! i think you stress too have a great beautiful family....ALWAYS think about what you have!!!!'ll be amazed at how long that list is........much blessings for the next year!!!!!

P.S. my f and g keys are stuck was a mess of a comment before LOL
Justine said…
I have 4 children and trying to be an artist in amongst that so I resonate alot with what you say.

I think this post was very raw and personal. I envy your courage to write what you feel, and I also think it is a VERY interesting blog. I read it all the time, so don't be too hard on yourself when you say you need to make your posts more interesting. People like you for you!

I am yet to make my list of 'to do' this year but you have inspired me to start.

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