sharing kindness

this is really weird for me to blog twice in one day but i have to get some things out. and if i write in my journal no one sees it and i feel that if someone is going through what i am it might in someway help them and or me too.

anyway i was feeling not so happy today and i checked my sharing kindness on my blog. i almost cried not really but going through so many things right now but push them aside by burying myself in work and that somehow justifies it all not really but a quick fix..

back to the sharing kindness after checking what this last person wrote..shannon ..if you ever read this.. thank you so much. i read your message at the right time just when i needed someone to tell me that everything is going to be ok in my own way thats what i read anyway..i always 2nd geuss myself.

as i scrolled down im reading all these lovely things and its like a dream that i cant even see but im looking for...i know that doesnt make sense but its kind of like you searching for something that you may already have.

im way to hard on myself at times worse than others but it does happen to me.

but anyway not sure why i wanted to share this...but when people share you never know how it might touch another person and what it might do for them....thats kind of what my whole journey as an artist is all about....thats what im out to do and im not even realizing that im doing it....its about me not thinking highly enough of myself...i do it over and over and i need to somehow find a way to accept all that i have accomplished.

so when ever the opportunity arises... share kindness......


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