happy thoughts

this picture was taken right before i left on thanksgiving. ive been starring at it off and on while im here at the show. it makes me happy and of course cant wait to get home to see the kids...
so im only going to say good things about the show. what i have learned since i have been doing shows (about 10 years) is its not all about the money although its a big part and very nice to do well, but there are things to appreciate when the money is not always there or in abundance.

the people you meet. when there is another artist or vendor that becomes a dear friend or your truly enjoyed getting the chance to meet.

you learn about other shows or venues that others have experienced so that you to can now add the shows to your list.

the compliments you get from your customers about your work. okay this is worth it all to hear someone say you are so talented, or we love your art, or our whole house is filled with your art.

this has nothing to do with my art but a friend that met today said i looked like i was 26...that made my day i told her that was worth me coming to the show even if dont make any money. ha ha

i meet a lot of older artist that have been doing this for years its encouraging to be surrounded by them i usually ask lots of questions and get lots of advise.

its just awesome to be around others that do the same thing that you do and that share the same passion with...

yes it is important to make money because you want what you do to be worth it. so the advise i can give is dont do that show again and move on...you never know unless you try just dont give up....

delight yourself in the lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart. psalm 37 4:5


oh so sweet! i'm glad it went well....are you going to follow my blog???????

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