new design

im only painting for the next week and a half to be able to sell my originals at an upcoming art show. so this is the first ive been able to paint in a while since i did your passion reflects who you are which has turned out to be a great design people seem to love it and thats usually my goal is to put what i like on paper and hope that others can relate too.
so this design was inspired by a sign that i saw that just said love you more. that is what i say to my husband and i made it into a giving stone..very popular i sell out whenever i have it. people love to give it. so when i was in asheville my friend and i decided that it would make a great card. so it has been on my to do list for a while so happy to see it on paper i love it and cant wait to give it away. it is available on my website and the original will be for sale... thanks


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