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brave and scared

I've not been scared to do ordinary things until recently in my life. Ordinary meaning answer an email or like a post on Instagram. That is how I now see myself then. I'm not scared anymore, which is why I am starting back by writing, on my blog. Back then it wouldn't have mattered how I worded it, I would have been at fault. Well anyway now is the best time than ever to start back slowly just doing a little bit of public writing. I haven't posted anything since shortly after being married. I quickly thought it would be one less thing to get in trouble for. Ive had some serious stomach issues.  I figured things out, but it took me a while.  My stress was at an all time high in the bouts of being scared thus causing what felt like ulcers to act up. So i was getting hit hard with food allergies and stress. My life recently took a sharp turn in Feb. 2019.  and since then my road to recovery has done my stomach much better.  I've learned not to "push the

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