i went to a poetry meet up tonight after googling "poetry and writing groups in Charlotte."  I've been wanting to see if there was such a thing and i finally did it. figuring it out and going.
3 people showed up and I'm feeling better about pushing myself through to do this.
whew. i wish it was that easy. the point it took me to get here that is .  its been almost a year.  i had a few things that have slowed me down along the way i suppose, or pushed me to do it,  however you  look at it.
anyway I'm going to start typing out my poetry/writing so i can then publish it and share it.  it will give me something extra to do when i find myself wanting to talk to someone and there is no-one there.


Debbie said…
Michelle, I am looking forward to seeing your poetry, stories, art....life in general. Blessings sweet friend ❤️

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