on turning 46

i love celebrating my birthday. or i must say the week of. i like to do something special each of the 7 days. this must have something to do with me and anticipation. i love anticipating and looking forward to something special each day. 

i realized this week that when i was asked how my day was yesterday , i said amazing. because i pushed through what i knew i needed to do and and i didnt resist anything so it all came to be a peaceful day. without resistance we end up in a peaceful setting. we take what comes our way and we push through it. 

on monday we went to a french bakery. i had christian take a pic of me. this is the picture that he took. while getting the phone ready he said he wanted to make it artsy. this is amazing to me. i love when my kids show something from within themselves that is creative. he made me look a lot better than i felt, so this will be my 2015 picture of the year.  love it. thank you christian. your only 8 and i know already that you will be a creative and smart soul so that makes me happy. 

i bought myself  surround sound speakers for every room of my new house. the best gift ever. i love that i can go in any room and the music never stops. i can even wake up to it. love love love music. 
it keeps the chatter out of my mind. or atleast to a minimum. 

for my actual birthday i am making a chocolate gluten free cake and paleo style nachos with champagne. birthdays are about doing everything you want to do and looking forward to it. and this is how we should live each day. im going to proceed with this pattern for the upcoming years.  thank you to everyone who is in my life and who is inspired by the things that inspire me.  happy birthday!!!!!! to me.  


Isabel said…
Happy Birthday! You deserve the best!
Anonymous said…
Hey friend, been a long time. Starting to do art again, and thought of you. LOVE how your work has continued to evolve, improve, and dazzle me. Nice to see you doing so well. You deserve this.
Catherine (Rains)

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