"life as i know it".... also the name of my upcoming series for spring 2015

life as i know if right now seems very hectic.  i had been searching for a name for my new upcoming designs that i have pretty much already sketched out i just now have to put them on paper. each day my time is running out.  i can't seem to get caught up enough in my supply and demand to catch a breath of fresh air and peace to start something that requires a calmness and clear mind.  I'm getting better at clearing my mind of the stress and pressure that builds up from the demands that are getting harder and harder to meet.  I've always been able to keep up and keep my word and be as loyal as i can with my customers, whom which are also very loyal to me with most all  carrying my products steadily for years.

now i can feel some changes taking place and the shift in the universe is giving me that foundation that i need to make changes and prepare to change with it.  I'm one of those people who don't budge until i feel the absolute urge to do so. the point is i have to feel very comfortable and safe. which i do now but this whole thing of not being able to keep up to get ahead is not easing up.

i really hope that i can get ahead of myself if even just for a little time being so i too can get myself aligned with what changes are upon me.

i take me job very seriously, sometimes too seriously....ive been a mother now for over 20 years and for over 15 I've been doing this job too. of course not so much when the kids were little but somewhere somehow I've been doing what i could at that time. now the kids are grown... well christian is 7, he keeps me really alert.  he said to me "mom? don't you think you have taken your art work a little bit too far?" ha ha whatever....

each day i do what i can.to feel what i feel and i try to choose what is best for my family, me and my business and that is hard sometimes.   i try not to let the pressure of work take away the happiness and gratitude that i should be feeling for the hard work and accomplishments that i have been given.  sometimes the pressures of climbing the mountain gets so stressful that we forget that we were given the gift of the mountain to climb.

life will go on and the people who support you and can relate to you will be the ones that last and be there for you through the good and more trying times.  do the best you can do and really and truly as long as i know i am doing the best i can there is absolutely noting else that makes me happier.

life as i know it......
michelle xoxoxoxoxo


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