It's been real

It's been a real crazy ride. Working I mean. Trying to do everything I need to. When you have kids, your work is never done. When you have your own business, your work is never done. After seventeen years of doing what I do. ( which by the way feels weird to speak ) sometimes it feels like I just started, because I'm always thinking what I'm suppose to do next. But I know this is the journey and there is no end. Along the journey is the revealing that along the way will give you wisdom, contentment, and satisfaction. This will be the closest to destination that we get. ( well kind of, I'm sure there's more to it) 

I was not always sure as to what I wanted or needed to be doing. That is with my career. Not until my mid 30's. I stopped trying to figure out if there was something else.

 Alot of younger people experience this and as they are speaking it they are feeling troubled as if something is wrong because they haven't figured it out. As I tell my story it makes them feel that they are not alone. 
It's okay to take time to find your self and or  your passion and or what you want to peruse. 
I'm sure that we won't ever figure everything out.  
As long as I'm content with myself  and how I present what I do then i suppose there is no reason to overthink. But like I always say....But in different words... If you don't allow your self to over think atleast sometimes you will not push yourself to the point of reaching new levels. Which takes us full circle from the beginning and to the no end of our journey. 


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