when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

im trying really hard in 2014 to make this something that i do each day or atleast when it is challenging for me. im also trying really hard not to rush and to go through each day in peace, to only do what i can and to do what makes me happy. im trying to devote more time to christian and to turn things off and be present when i need to be. im going to try not to worry and to be fearful of the unknown. i want to have a better attitude and to wake up each day with good intentions to do so.  i dont want to complain about things that i am in control of changing.

 i want to make my life more simple so that most of these things are easier for me to achieve. im not sure how im going to get there, im just going to believe that i can do it and like everything else i will write it down so it will be something that i see and when i start to fall down i can reflect on it and get back up and try some more.
i certainly dont want to compare myself to others and think that they have it all together and im some hopeless case. oh no that would be awful. ha ha. actually i have gotten better at that since i made a note of it a few years back and realized by keeping my blinders on, it helps me to focus on the gifts that i was given and the tools that i am surrounded by to help make me a better me.

life is full of challenges its seems once we get through one there is another lurking above ready to come down. i realized that this is the definition of life and its how we look at things that will effect our attitude and our happiness. ive spent most of my life looking at things in fear and in worry.  im 44, i suppose its time to change the way i use to look at things. i know it wont happen over night. but atleast im owning it and realizing that i need to change for the better. and to share your story takes courage and makes you stronger. i can do this. happy 2014.


Vicki Engel said…
Thank you for your courage and spirit, opening your heart to the rest of us. You inspire many with the depth of your soul and your endless creativity. I am so thankful to have you as my friend.
I love you Vicki thank you;)
Debbie Fowler said…
YES YOU CAN!!! I believe in you Michelle DeFillipo <3

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