Everything changes

The more time goes by the more I learn about myself . The more i experience the more expectations I acquire to in corporate in my life.
My default is to go into a deep dark place . But my aspirations are to become an inspiration to others through my words ,and my work.
As for myself I too want to feel inspired and the empowering light that drives me but its something that I have to work on everyday, I have and am learning to pull the positive out if the negative. words are the water to my growth. To communicate and listen to a deep soul that too has the courage to own tell their own story ,helps me to blossom and be more alive in my own life.
To listen to music from an artist singing words from their own humility feels like cool refreshing water to my thirsty soul.
I relate everything to words, either from my own or from someone's else's.
I live each day just to get through to the next . I try not to look to far forward or too far back. I try to believe in myself and that everything is going to be okay.
I try to learn what makes me whole. Through this I know that there is no destination only a journey of experiences that takes me to the next. And with each new one I become more. I'm learning not to regret what has failed but to only pull out the happy that lead me to get where I am now.
I find myself expecting more, With each new journey that passes by.
I know something now that I didn't know before with each new change that comes through the door from the walls that once stood tall.


Sue Allemand said…
Such beautiful words Michelle! Hang in there -- you KNOW where you're going!! :) And enjoy life's moments -- have fun on your cruise!
Ty Ryan said…
Courage, insight and beauty... Thank you for sharing your perspective of strength and self discovery.
So much of what you said I feel also. It's not that easy for people like us...but I love how hopeful you are. Your words are insightful and true, but never an excuse. I pray you will have that strength and discernment everyday to know your truth! God Bless!

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