A note to a friend... But speaks volume to myself


Hi there Hang in there. Your courage speaks a 1000 words. To go out on your own and to keep at it every day without giving up. Having a passion is an addiction .... A good one.... At times it doesn't feel like it though.  I'm never satisfied .... Well for very long that is my joy is very short lived because Iam always in survival mode. I've come to accept it and try to live a little outside the pain and hard work of being a self sufficient artist. I do things I normally wouldn't allow myself to do like take my kids to the beach for a week and now we booked a cruise. I can't worry about it anymore. Money is money I either have it or I don't. And while I do I need to enjoy something. Confidence is key too, if you feel confident it will take you far just that feeling alone is priceless. Look what you have accomplished and who you have touched and raise your head high. It's ok to go to the deep dark place I'm all about it. It just makes us stronger once we come out. Take care and be good to yourself you deserve it people look up to you . You are a success. Things will happen I know... Xoxoxo great to see you 


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