I cannot just touch on the surface.

I want my work to be different, I want to really get to the soul and heart of others that are broken and hungry for words that are healing. I want my work to be for others as they are for me, a positive token to get me through what I am going through or a way to navigate through life without hiding the pain, Having the courage to put it out there so others can embrace you for who you are.
I don't want my work to blend in with the ordinary, the one worders. I want it to be a small book that you Can read into and touch on the subject that touches your heart and when you read it you can say this is just what I needed or know someone else that will need it. It has to be a little deeper so that it touches the soul. Because this is who Iam a deep soul, I do not understand or relate to those who are only on the surface.


Teresa said…
I believe you are accomplishing exactly what you want. You art and the messages they contain all not ordinary. I love what you do.
The sweetest comment. Thanks for sharing. You made my night and gave me a boost of great confidence. Xoxo
Grace said…
My gosh! This is exactly why I create art and journals (funnily enough, I call myself an ArtSoul-ian). Michelle, your words are inspiring and I love the fun loving nature of your work.
jo chrsitopher said…
I love, love, love everything on your site. I have just one 3x9 , Friends Feed The Soul here from our first vacation in a very long time, this August. Now, I want every pendant, card, poster.... = ) It is amazing what words can do, what they can heal. Please keep it up. Can't wait to order some things , for me & for special gifts <3 xoxoxo
Meg from Minnesota said…
Michelle, I just found you, through Pinterest (of course). I don't yet know your story, but from the three blog posts I've read, I am confident when I say I understand you. This post here contains many thoughts I've had myself. I often walk around feeling alone because I don't hear others expressing thoughts I relate to or ideas that I understand or have myself.
I hear you. Thank you for speaking out loud!

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