I wanted to share some thoughts on the show that i just had in NY.  well i wasn't going to because i am so swamped right now with everyday life and work that this blogging is just not something that i thought i could fit in. BUT guess what this too is also a part of my life (writing and sharing) so here we go. 
ha ha well i just did the show and it is something that i wasn't sure i would ever get to the point of doing but i was able to and i did it.  I absolutely loved it, and it was i suppose everything i thought it would be and more. i love being in NY and to be able to work there is just the greatest. Now i can add this to my show schedule and be there for the winter and summer show. 

i have to give thanks to my family and friends for their ongoing support and encouragement. i really appreciate all your words. 
vintage girl designs now has lots of new stores and I'm so excited to have met all of them who came to my booth.  I'm excited to get the products to you ASAP. we are working hard to get everything out quickly...

well these moments of reminiscing of what just happened is what its all about.  all that was experienced and all that was made a great memory and the greatness to look forward to the next time. ( in August)
we did it and  I'm so happy and thankful for what i have accomplished. THANK YOU!

me in the streets of NY

its raining on me

loves these littles guys and so did everyone else

what a great night..to walk in the snow

im in complete mediation of what is to come in the morning of the opening day

the booth is a great thing.
2 artists...2 great minds......
ah me and vicki we came and conquered...she the city me the work. xoxoxo


Watering Words said…
What a dream come true!!! You are living it and it is so admirable. You exemplify the words "follow your passion." You overcome obstacles of fear, doubt, and disbelief that haunt artists and writers daily. And that is a beautiful victory colored with Trial, Travail, and most of all Triumph! I love it! Peace, love, and blessings to you.

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