take chances and pushing yourself = success

i suppose there are different definitions of success depending on who you ask. right now i feel that success is something that you can't grasp or hold on to for very long, you may have a taste of it from time to time or you may in your mind foresee what you want to be successful.

as an entrepreneur and small business owner this is always something you are asked about and or reflect on occasionally.  so many times even in our everyday life we get comfortable with ourselves and we start to feel  BLAH. at least i do. even with my physical body although i work out just about everyday i still go through these times that i just don't feel IT.  and the same goes for your professional life too, you have to change it up and reach for more, something that challenges you and pushes you, right out of your seat....

i learned this more today, when in both places of my life i feel very comfortable ,but i know some changes need to be made,  so i go for my run and then i have my  light bulb moment. not only did i push my self further in my run today, but i realized what i wrote on my chalkboard...it all became clear.
and yes once again i feel better in both places...... I'm sure this won't last to long. its my definition of successes=taking chances and pushing yourself...xoxoxoxox


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