the picture says it all.

gabby, christian, matthew & mom
there are no words that will come easily right now when i try to express how i feel about my children. i do know that i will soon write about my journey as a mother and it will be inspired to encourage others that have gone through and or going through what i have.

i realized that when you  are lead on such a challenging path you are suppose to go through it the best way you can and then figure out a way to help others that are going through the same thing.  I'm able to express through my words and my art, this is a god given talent and i am suppose to use it. i feel i do that in my everyday life, but this mother and family situation is a little bit different not everyone experiences family the way i have.  so i am here to share my story and to help others that have similar experiences, not feel alone.  stay tuned ...........
inspired from my life of challenges


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