Break through

If you see something everyday u don't really notice that it grows until u step away from it and come back and then you realize wow. This happens with our children and even ourselves. Within ourselves we don't recognize what we have accomplished the things we are working so hard at because we are so buried in doing it day in and day out .
Then the voice of others starts to be heard and it begins to break through, and we start to hear how we are and have grown.
It then becomes a reality if we just stop and listen and gather and accept.
We may be working really hard to reach something that in fact we may have done.
So in this moment I gathered those voices of the lovely people who care enough to share their words of praise and encouragement and I realize that Iam accomplishing my dream. Thank you.
I'm not sure why it is that I resist to feel the excitement but that is something deep in my soul that remains to be uncovered. Maybe I feel I'm not worthy or that no good things come to me. Maybe it's the enemy trying to strip me of the joy that I so deserve, or The life long challenge of low self esteem .
But the voice whether it's the one within my self or those of others is the loudest of all and when you become still and you hear it you know that you have and can overcome and you have accomplished what you set your mind to. this is the breakthrough !!!


Teresa said…
Sounds like you wrote this post for me! What a wonderful reminder.

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