as an artist you are always trying to reinvent yourself, constantly thinking of new ideas and as for me new things that will appeal to the public that reflect who your are and in my case staying true to myself.   it sounds fun and easy but believe me sometimes you can get to these hurdles and eventually you will jump over and succeed but yes there is  and can be things that get in the way of creativity . we just fight through it and go on. 
anyway i love these fabric banners i had made i hung them all over the work and living space. they really make a statement because of the size and its a great reminder to me to smile.  I've had lots of comments that these will be good for dorm room and yes i totally agree, I'm happy i can hang these even not as a college student in my home..( haha no male figure to think otherwise.)  i have a had few customers to buy and hang in there creative rooms and lots of therapist to hang in there offices.  
you become what you believe

                                                     it is the simple things in life that make
                                                                  our souls happy
                                                       yes and definitely do what you love.


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