writers block

I'm having a writers block only because the more you don't write the harder its is too write.  as a rule i need to write a little everyday.  those that know me well know that i have multiple journals that i write in at very random times.  and i don't have any certain time that i write i just do it when i feel the need.  obviously its been eating at me because i haven't written in so long.  i realize i have to have quiet time and down time for my thoughts  come out.  i have been so extremely busy that i have not allowed myself time to wind down. i work from the time i get up until the time i go to bed,  by work that means many things and if you are mom and or, if you have your own business i do not have to explain.

so on this week that i do not have to be a mom because Christian is with his father, and the fact that i do not have to go out of town for a show i can wind down and write and work and write and work. i even rented a movie that i will not be able to watch but at least the intent was good.

when i write i am able to reveal things in me and about me that become more real and I'm able to understand my feelings more.  its like i have to see them and read them and then i can be them and think them clearly.  these last couple of weeks i feel as if i have been in a storm that is going around and nothing has landed so i can not  grasp anything or feel anything as i am suppose to.  so many emotions and tasks and just things.  I've always said and written in stone that silence reveals peace and right now i can feel it working and i can feel the need for much silence. i wish that i could go to india and experience real mediation and just sit for days.

i have to prepare my mind body and spirit for this upcoming  creative challenge that comes along with the territory of being an artist.  its almost like your spirit knows when its time to start releasing all this creativity that has been building up, and it happens very naturally.  it just so happens the timing is right on because i have to do lots of new designs and new things and new goals and new new new.  so here we go. lots of writing coming my way and your way. I've gotta get all this stuff out of me so i can read and figure out how it can be of help  to someone else.. xoxoxo


Grace said…
This post speaks to me on so many levels. Thanks for sharing.

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