Thank you

I feel the urgency to give and to give thanks. I have friends and family that have stood by me through some not so good times, and also are standing by me through this most successful time in my life. Its to my amazement how you encourage and praise the greatness that you see in me and that you bring into the universe through your words that you are speaking of me.
It has humbled me in a way that is teaching me to be more of an outspoken individual instead if one who doesn't speak what I often feel. So many times I could have helped others as you have helped me through just a simple gesture of encouragement and kindness. It's better to say what you feel than to keep it in or to think its not going to matter. You never know what someone else's spirit may need.

So thank you not only for your kindness and extremely caring support but also for making me become wiser into how a small gesture can be so hugely important. Don't hold back.


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