do what you are good at, and be good at what you love to do..

you can not always connect the dots to the future, but most certainly you can from the past.

when i go back and connect the dots , i see my grandparents taking me to the art store in the mountains where i stayed 3 weeks out of every  summer  when i was younger. they allowed me to pick out one thing that i wanted.

i was always adorned with art, and paper.   so of course to go the art store was like heaven to me - straight to the sketch pads, paper and pens i would go.  i remember when i picked out  my first calligraphy set. i would pour the ink and read the manual on the different types of fonts, and practice over and over. i loved handwriting and still do to this day.

my grandparents instilled in me to do what your are good at and be good at what you love to do.   (also that getting a good education was very important).

my grandfather was a master at doing what he loved,  he loved a lot of things and did them very passionately (and perfectly in his eyes)  he (and my grandmother still till this day) worked very hard.

so at this moment when i look at what i've accomplished and what i am today-  one of the dots from then until now, brings me to realize that because of my grandparents encouragement and those innocent  trips to the art store (and that one calligraphy set that i will never forget) was my passion being born and being instilled in me.
me, john (my grandmothers  husband of 5 years) and my grandmother.
my grandfather passed away in 1999.

today you will find me (35 years later) writing with fine pens,  collecting different fonts and unique handwriting.  along with putting together bright colors and my words to express myself in ways to inspire and touch others.

thank you grandma and grandpa for inspiring me and encouraging me to do what i love and to work hard at it.


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