a friend of mine asked me why do you write about being sad, you don't seem to be happy that much when you write. well i said: i am happy often but it just seems that i write more when i am sad, it helps me to get it out and makes me feel better.  i was not born an over ecstatic happy showing person, i am very quiet and to myself and yes i have been called an introvert...but this is not so true. yes i am quiet and i do keep to myself.  i work a lot and spend time with my kids other than that there is not much more to me.  i love what i do and if i didn't need to sleep i would work 24/7.

so I'm going to write about being happy for a change. hmmmm lets see....happy  is happy, I'm not really super happy right now so its hard to express and write in depth about something that doesn't trigger your spirit and soul.  so today is just a silent day and to me very relaxing and taking in all the sounds of nature and music and i am very happy and quiet.  next time I'm so so happy i will write and see what comes out. stay tuned.


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