fresh food, art and laughter

spinach mushroom quesadillas cooked with sea salt and olive oil
i'm enjoying the moments I'm not working, which stephanie the owner of bella vita stated...  is so true about "how us small business owners while loving what we do, work so much, we rarely have anytime off, its just moments of time we have off."
so on this saturday we were able to go to local farmers market and pick up some fresh produce to make these amazing baby spinach, mushroom and cheese quesadillas with also fresh guacamole and salsa that i whipped up.  so while out on the veranda we snapped a few photos of  happiness created.  fresh food, art and the sounds of christian in the back ground......hmmmm life is grand in this moment.
new art titled "love of self" by ric standridge


Debbie Crews said…
Your artwork makes the little girl in me smile. Congratulations on your success!
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thank you debbie you made me smile at the end of this hard day and i appreciate more than anything these kinds of words that you took time to share. i took a look at your wonderful blog and artwork i was very touched and love your spirit. i would love to keep in touch. xoxo

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