things i do to get me through.........

i know i wrote about broken wings and even have a new design about still being able to fly with broken wings.  i feel i need to write when i am sad and my wings which is really my heart and soul is hurting.  it is one of the things i have learned that makes me feel better and it gets me through.
yesterday was a very sad day for me  and just one of many more that I'm going to have to learn how to get through.  i wanted to share that.... as i started writing in my journal i was writing about the things that i do that I embrace that get me through the sadness.
 so i went for a run, i listened to music, i burned an candle, i opened my journal and started writing which i will now pull from to illustrate my new design.
" you may never get over it, you just go through it and it becomes a part of who you are".
i also wanted to see if you would                                            
 share what you  have learned to do and embrace to get you through. just post it on the face book page if you like. xoxoxo


egg said…
Ah, broken wings. I keep working even while hoping for inspiration. And the broken wings..?... they give me hope, actually. Hope that I can be better, do better, maybe right now, maybe next time. I paste them up as best I can, and carry on. And I never carry yesterday's sadness around with me. My work itself is healing, I find. I know every bit I create is making me better, stronger, abler. And tomorrow always looks beautiful.
Jani Howe

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