the show must go on.......

being here in atlanta for the gift show has once again been a journey that i can now say that...well i am  very tired and burned out.  being an artist is not some easy task as some might think.  one major component we have is that we are very sensitive we feel lots of emotion we put our hearts right out  in the public for all to see.  
i must say first I'm excited for the new stores we picked up this show can't wait to get the product to you  and only hope you sell very well.
im so very tired and burned out.  i usually go through this when I'm done and i get home and unpacked. but i am still here and I've totally lost it.  ha ha what does that mean..well I'm not sure. i feel as if i want to start over, I'm not very happy with myself, not sure could be one of these places that artist go sometimes when they feel lost and not sure what  to do next.  as if you didn't know to be a successful artist you have to work so very much.  you have to constantly come up with new ideas you get tired of looking at your own art, your own designs.  what else can i do next i say to myself????  
no time for any of that....the show must go that is. life of an artist this is....


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