its all about what inspires you

once again i pull myself out of the deep dark place that artist go through sometimes.  after a while we, us creative souls just realize that this is how we are.  and we learn to keep living our passion. 
 i remember just the other day saying that i have nothing, meaning material things like great furniture, (as many times as i have started over I've realized that i don't need much)  ...........but somehow today i realized that i have these little bits of inspiration around me that i have created from just simple things that i love.  
so i pulled my little camera out of my drawer and started snapping away.  its kind of like my little still life's of what i have that inspires me.  and that's what its all about.

 my old books on my old apothecary cabinet
                             my work table. suppose the be the table we eat on. never happened
                                                                         my desk
                                            i love clocks and pictures of my kids all around
                                                   little nook of special books and pictures
                                                                    another clock
                                                                  art and cookbooks
                                                      antique desk with books and candles
                                                            another new beginning
                                                         my lovely bathroom catch all

                                             my peaceful place where  i get ready for work
                                                        the first painting ric painted of me
                                                      my coffee table with my journals
                                                          these pillows make me happy
                             writing, great pens and moleskin journals makes me even happier
                                                                      my apple
                                                    a piece of my great wood furniture
                                                   my passion surrounds me..everywhere
                                   my great antique paper holder my other piece of wood furniture
                                   my last painting that i finished. A new chapter begins
                            gabby and matthew when they were little.. notice i didn't say teenagers

 books pens and pictures.
I'm happy to share my little still life's of inspiration with you.  xoxoxo


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