artsplosure, raleigh nc

 this was one of those weekends that i will remember and think about as and icon of why i love doing what i do.  there are so many facets to doing an art show and in this case every single one of them was an explosion over the top....

i took this picture because it reminded me when i was setting it up in my booth.... that almost everything i do and make is everything that i love.  and when i see all this stuff put together from bits of pieces i see myself and so i posted on my Facebook this pic and i said "my passion defines who i am".  once i figured this out( a while back) things became a lot easier.... meaning once i just became myself and stopped looking around i was able to embrace and fly in my own world.  i still from time to time have to look outside but i quickly come back in because it will suck me in and make me feel beneath,  so as long as i stay with my blinders on i feel very safe and confident.

i just have to say to everyone who shared so much kindness over the weekend, thank you so so much!!!
i love raleigh and all the was such an exciting and inspiring weekend..if there was such thing as groundhog weekend i would live that over and over again. xoxoxo


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