its very quiet starting over. moving on tho the next chapter in your life. the spirit doesn't react to change sometimes and we just want to keep doing what we were doing. so to actually change our spirit it goes through a shock -we are very still and silent just trying to figure out what we did and what actually happened. we blame ourselves and pick ourselves apart, we wish that things could of been different. then we move out of that and focus on what we can do to be a better person. sometimes we venture into a place where we can see ourselves from a different perspective and we learn who we are in a new way. we have certain characteristics that we realize this is just who i am and this is just what i do. i suppose accepting it and owning up to it is the hard part sometimes. i think its hard to change the dynamics of our personalities. that is what makes everyone different. but we so want to be that perfect person although we know there is no such thing.

each time we start over we learn from our past chapter something very relevant about ourselves and then we take it with us- this is our our wisdom- by the time we are 70 we should be all good.

in the mean time we are still learning about ourselves and who we are and why we act the way we act. sometimes we don't like it, but in the next chapter we have a chance to possibly be something more and take somethings out if we can.

we learn to love with what we have gained and what we have lost. which now brings me to the title of my new design - a new chapter- once again .........


Michelle said…
I recently found your blog and I am blown away! Where have you been and why have I not found you before today? much creativity and love here. Thank you for sharing from you heart and I must say....brand new starts can be oh so very wonderful! :)

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