chapter 17

so as you can see i am able to make art from things that happen in my life that either inspire me or alter me in some way good or not so good. all i know is that my life is all about starting over, so once this came very apparent to me i could not hold it in any longer and had to write about it and then illustrate it. i didnt really like the words starting over so thus the chapter was the right word for me.

if you are wondering where the 17 came from i just randomly and quite rapidly came up with things that were life changing to me and i counted 17 in my life time. im sure there is probably more...

i want to make sure that people are aware that starting over doesnt mean negative, it can be positive once you get going with it. that is why i have the word fly at the top. you have to be able to get through and go as high as possible. although most of these chapters starting over were because of something not so great that had happened.

just like the person who commented below a new chapter can be oh so wonderful.....i agree, and thank you for your words.

well, i suppose all this not so good stuff is starting to wise me up and make me see that everything is going to be okay and im really seeing that my life is the best its ever been, well almost, i still have some fractures on my wings, but guess what, im still flying.. xoxoxox


Anonymous said…
There is no doubt that you will fly again. You, my new friend, have lots to offer, and it is not just your wonderful world of creative art. Peace, happiness and and a satisfied soul is in your future. Way to stay positive!
Teresa said…
I just found you at Walgreens. I was searching for the perfect card and you jumped out at me. I have been reading your blog and you are quite the inspiration! Thanks for being you! The REAL you!

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