this is me talking to the bird....telling him all my problems and he is so good because he just listens and always gives me encouragement to keep doing what im doing and just do the best i can. ha ha dont you just love that, that is what friends are for to listen whether its good or bad.

it seems im going through a storm right now so i feel sorry for my friends when they call me they better hold on to their seats cuz some stuff is getting ready to fly. and then the comforting words are "everybody is going through something", and then i say ahhhhh, so its not just me, wow that makes me feel better.

well its already march i just had a birthday and i worked away jan. and feb., and now into march im pretty sure im working from the time i get up till i go to bed. and now even in bed i bring my lap top and work while im laying down. jezzzz....

i was and am so happy i was in the issue of sommeret apprentice that came out on my birthday....i told the lady at michaels tonight and she never flinched. OMG are you kidding me those people at michaels have no personality, whatever..... it was funny though.....

so in closing to this late night blog post i want to say that this is my new favorite design...i absolutely love it. i use to say it was my new secret favorite but now i can shout it out to you all. take care and remember....... everybody is going through something. xoxoxoxoxo


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