2012 january

well i just finished the trade show in Atlanta, wow it was amazing....because of so many elements. i looked so forward to going its the perfect time of the year for the huge show, right after the holidays and the cold weather it keeps your mind busy so that it doesnt go into the deep dark places..for me anyway...many years this time of the year this is what happened to me. no place to go and no work at this season...but now times have changed i turned it around. i know this is what i had to do and i did it and it worked. this is my 2nd year in a row. twice a year. i worked my butt off and my winding journey has now had a straight path.

i love the people that are around me and the people i meet, i love the friends that i have and the person i work with ric..., the best sales person in the world im am so lucky to have him, you know my sales go up with his presence and charm, he is truly an inspiration to me.

this is going to be the best year ever for vintage girl designs and im excited in this moment for everything that has happened to me and how i have been able to touch other people with my art and able to experience it, to me this is true bliss.

i still have lots of goals and im not going to bask in bliss to long i give myself only 48 hours and them its back to the drawing board. and im back to my normal state.....not sure what i will call that...

thank you God and the Universe and Everyone who believes in me and any artist for that matter. xoxoxoxoxox


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