no time to breathe

so i have a couple of things that i have made that say breathe and rest and serenity and balance.
but OMG, i have not been able to do any of those things atleast for 7 days straight.
in this photo above is the first time i was able to sit and write in my journal, that was this weekend while i was working at a show. thats funny that im resting while im working.

but anyway these past 10 days have been crazy i really actually felt like i couldnt breathe. the core of my body was aching from stress because i felt as though i couldnt rest, i just had to keep going.
not to mention that anyone that came in my path was well...lets just say i feel sorry for the way i treated them.....i really needed to be locked away from society so that i could not bite anyones head off.....

i feel better now, its monday night the weekend and holiday is over. i was able to get some of my thoughts down on paper and try to go over what happened to me in the past week so that i could make sure i was not going crazy....

i figured out it was going to be a stressful week anyway and all the other things just added to it making it one heck of a whew i dont even know what to call it. but lets just hope that next month , 28 days from now which im going to mark on my calendar so i will be ready, that i am going to go way far away from all this stuff.... so i can breathe and not be a disfunctional wreck.


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