my love for paper

i need to write about my love for paper. this is very important because its something that is going to be very significant in the upcoming months.

i need to express that paper is something that i absolutely love. i would choose paper over a lot of other material items, including diamonds.....ha ha being that diamonds have not brought me as much success as paper in my life....

paper is why i do what i do and why i create what i create and why i love what i do.

everything i make is made out of paper in some way or another. and everything i make i sell so therefore paper is what i make a living from. it also depends on what i put on the paper but counts.

now, what i need to also share is the quality of paper, the quality of paper is what makes my adrenaline flow, like for instance moleskin journals as pictured above.. if you have never felt the paper in these journals then you are missing out on a lot!!!...the smoothness and thickness and color is absolutely perfect. i could sleep on this paper i could do everything on this paper its my faaaavorite... i must say i love it so much.

so with this love for paper i am coming into my own on what i want to make as a huge statement to unveil in my next big series and this i think is going to be all about me and my love for paper.

i cant give to much away but it will be revealed in my art which is definitley a reflection of who i am.

i have to do some research and find some things that im looking for , but in time im sure i will be able to inspire all the others out there that love paper too.

when i look back on my journey i find that i create things that i love myself and that i need to make me complete. this is definitely going to be a milestone in my journey i can feel it.

as a little girl i would make handmade things to give away. now as an adult i still do this. i am also blessed to be able to sell them too.

the best part of this is its going to be different. unique and me.........

well stay tuned im sure i will be sharing as soon as i get this project completed...

take care


BaldiBearART said…
i definitely share your love for paper - know exactly where you;re coming from. I have a great collection of papers - some I will never use because I just love to have it. Give me a paperie over all other shops any day :)
look forward to seeing your new works

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