simple things that made me happy this summer

well i wanted to write about some of the little things in life that make me happy. because most of my life is about my work i try my best to mix things in so that I'm able to do what i love for a living and experience the things that make me happy too( besides work). so this summer i have not been able to do a lot but what i have done has made me look back and reflect on some happy times. sharing food at new and exciting places this was in asheville after working all day. we found this restaurant, it was so good we are there both nights. the bistro

sleeping while working..just for a minute:) sleeping is one of my things i love to do....

seeing christian with his favorite TV characters!!! at Barnes and nobles story time 10:00 on a Saturday morning. i was happy that i was able to take him, I'm usually working on the weekends so this was a treat for me and him.

these here are some handmade things i bought while working at a show in Burnesville NC.

lavender dish soap.. if you have never tried lavender dish soap you are missing out. usually i have bought from Williams Sonoma but i found this at a gallery and it is great the aroma makes you have a special feeling about washing a dish.

handmade wallet...the lady that made this was so lovely and soft that you could feel the love she used to make her products. i had to have something and this was perfect for me.

and some cute bowls from a potter that was across from me at the show. love the blue in the bottom.


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