our past experiences creates a collection of happiness

right before a show i get really excited thinking about all the things im going to remember after the show that left an impact on me. so its almost like i cant wait till the show is over so i can reminisce on the past experiences.
so i just got back from

the atlanta gift show and here are some things that i brought back that bring me happiness when i think about them.

this is my dear friend and neighbor from the show lisa toland . she is a very deep soul right away i knew we would share a lot of special conversations we are just alike in a lot of ways as artists ..we share a special bond...

this is dick and vickie i cannot say enough about these kind friends they live in midtown and love to have us as house quest . we love them like family and are so special to us. cannot wait to see, share, laugh, eat, and just be with you guys again.......

well this of course is my booth i share a deep attachment with this 10 x10 space after being there for 5 days from 9-5.

this is the owner and creative director carol and roel her husband from paper product design. they are licensing a few of my designs for the spring of 2012. i couldnt of asked for a more wonderful opportunity to be able to work with their company. right away they make you feel like family. definitely a magical experience.... i can feel it deep in my soul.


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