still and quiet

wow its june. we all know how fast the summer goes by once it gets here, especially after july 4th. i had the urge to update my blog, im lying here in complete silence. all the kids r gone, and its just me. sometimes the silence can be a total state of shock which is what has happened this particular time.

as a single parent i can describe one of my moments that i go through when my kids r with their dad.

so when i have my kids its nonstop work and work and work all the way around no down time no quiet no nothing that would resemble a state of balance, except when sleeping. so u have these quick random thoughts of wishing u could be alone just for 15 minutes just so u could get some things done.

well this particular evening i have dropped my kids off and i come home and the quietness has taken me into a place of emptiness therefore allowing me to get nothing done except lay in my bed and look at me emails over and over and try to sleep the evening away so i dont have to think about anything.

so those random thoughts of me thinking i could get a lot of things done if it was quiet and stress free. it doesnt really happen this way.

still and quiet doesnt always bring peace.


Sissy Sparrows said…
I get torn sometimes....I want so much to have some quiet creative time to myself since my husband tends to get loads. But as soon as he takes the kids to do something fun so that I can have my time, I feel left out and feel huge amounts of guilt for not going.
I understand what you are saying...quiet times are sometimes a struggle.

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