on a brighter note

Okay so i got a new phone not just a new phone but an iphone threfore i have been busy. Love the camera and all the apps i found to make cool new pics.

im currently working on my show in July for the Atlanta mart. have to make new designs and

that fun stuff.

but before that i have to fill an order for 200 vintage boards for signal catalog. Whew this is a big project. cant wait to ship it out on friday and be done.........

well the photo above is the new product for the show next month. New Vintage Girl Desk Plaques. so cool love them.. made from scraps after we cut the 9x9's, love when that happens....

they have been selling well hope the stores like them. its always great when its under 20.00.

i bought the new Adele 21 album today at target. love this album. it matches my mood. i dont feel alone when i here her sing........she is a true artist....

take care.


Justine said…
the desk plaques are great Michelle!

I swear we are on the same wavelength - your last post describes me to a tee - I am at my least productive when I am alone. I don't do being alone very well.....and I too bought he Adele album just last weekend. True she is an awesome talent. Love it.

Happy day to you, I'm glad to read you are so busy

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