from january to may

wow from then until now, from winter to spring. you have to go through that place to get to this place. a lot of things have happened. ive tried to take some pictures to to mark my memories but not always succeeding with that.

ive thought about my blog a lot in the past 4 months but have not been able to do anything except look at the same posting i did back in January. sometimes i will take a picture and think that is a good one for my blog. i really dont do facebook dont have time and if i do log on im scurrying around to get off so i can get everything done that i need to in the little time that i have.

i write in my journal a lot that is were i find inspiration for new designs. i sketch and write and sketch and write over and over just like i did when i was a Little girl. funny how your true passion never fades away...

i havent really looked on others blogs lately just haven't had the urge to see what others are doing i found a while back that it kind of puts me in a stumper i compare myself to others and im too hard on my self. right now im content with what im doing, well as long as i keep telling myself that anyway. any artist knows that this is a struggle to be content. dont get me wrong iam inspired by other artist.

most artist live a lonely life.. ive read, but when surrounded by other creative friends it can be a different story. i do tend to keep to myself i do have some close artist friends that keep me going and vise verse we all need that.

well i will close by posting some of the pictures that i have taken along the way. believe me they are not far from my desk.....


Hi Michelle! I was just thinking of you the other day and wondering how all your art shows were going. I totally get your post.

I'm loving the Easter shots and it looks like somebody had a chucky cheese b-day :)

It's easy to feel like a slave to things, but do what feels right in your heart.

Hope you're doing well,

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