new beginnings

I feel as if i can use most of my designs to descibe what i am going through even 2-3 after i created it. Wow thats interesting to me. i do create my designs based on my life and what i go through and what inspires me and this so true even years later i suppose i just keep repeated things over and over.

we all go through the journey of starting new beginnings in life way more than once. maybe for me i feel its often more than others, well you know how i am bad about comparing myself to others and of course most of the time i put my self as the under dog.

im pretty blessed now actually i do have a place to live and my kids are healthy and im healthy and everyone in my family is healthy. Change is not something i love it is actually hard for me i consider myself a creature of habit.

so as i proceed onto this new year it started with change and im sure will be filled with change and new beginnings. maybe its almost like what we dont think we are good at its often put in front of us to do and we dont even know how good we are at.

well i will be going to atlanta next week to do the atlanta gift show. this is going to a big change for me i havent done it in 5 years and its alot of work. i hope that everything goes well. i will post some of my booth pictures its amazing.....Happy new year.


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