the night before thanksgiving

its been a while, not sure why im choosing to blog on the night before Thanksgiving, but i really haven't had a chance to until now. the apartment is still and quiet and i can actually collect some thoughts and try to write them down about what i have been doing and going through.

as you can see i chose one of my favorite saying. mending my soul, only because i do this so very often and im doing it as i type.

i moved into an apt. which has been a long time coming so now i can mend my soul in my own space.

im not sure why my life is taking me on this journey of new beginings once again, but i feel clear and right about my decisions for the first time in a while.

i call my past my stepping stones. i had to go through that to get to this. and i have to go through this to get to that. if i feel i made mistakes i have to accept them as something that i learned about myself along the way. i know so much more about myself than ever before and i feel i can make better decisions because of this.

i can beat myself up and say i wish i would of done this or that but i honestly didn't know enough about my self to make the best decision.

iam a very emotional sensitive quiet creative spirit and i cannot deal with much that cannot also deal with me the way iam. i actually dont have the patience or time anymore to put up with trying to change myself for anyone, iam who iam.

i never want to be put in another position like this again.

right now my life consist of providing for my kids by working my ass off. ok so working really hard i should say . its a great thing that i love what i do. i could work and work and work, the rewards are worth all the pain and anxiety i go through each day.

iam very blessed and thankful for this talent that God has given me and the 3 children that i have and my family and friends.

happy thanksgiving.................


Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Michelle. I'm happy for you and wish you all the best with your "new" beginning! :)
zoe2911 said…
Thinking of you and your children...God bless you every one.

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