becoming into me

ive been away for a
while. im just now getting back to normal i had a swarm of shows and under alot of stress and pressure . now im back to eating and my normal routine.
so the first thing on my agenda when i had some time was to work how appropriate coming from an artist. this is serious business when you work as an artist full time believe me at least for me anyway i work all the time..
so anyway i was going to start some of my new paintings that have been inspired in the last couple of months
this is one of them. now let me tell you this was so deeply inspired by some amazing people or shall i say artist and creative people that i have just recently met. and of course some deep soul searching yes that is the other thing i do for a living is trying to find gets really lost along this journey of life sometimes but im happy to say as long as i know what makes me happy which is my art im good.
i have found that im all about finding others that know art, live art, create art, and so on just like me...i feel myself and i feel comfortable i feel that they understand me and to me i could not ask for anything more. artist are a little different than those non artistic creative people, we feel things deeply and we should never be looked down for that we should be embraced and nourished and when someone doesnt get it our souls starve and we become unhappy and we freak out. it took me a while to figure this out i have not always known this but i do now and im hoping that my future will be more peaceful.......i have definitely become into more of who i was meant to be.....
i have the night off so im going to work ...see what i mean.....


I know what you mean Michelle. I am always seeking out like minds and feel such a kindred-ship with them on such a different level than my non-artistic friends and family. A strong supporting family and network of friends is so very important in an artists life, I suppose anyones life really, but it is very depressing to me that it feels like such a struggle too often from the very people that should accept me no matter what, yet I do not feel that acceptance. I think you know what I mean, I guess that is why we both seek out acceptance and accepting people with our art.
zoe2911 said…
Wonderful work, Michelle... Really love every part of it - and the "bubbles" in the background. too! Thanks for the encouragement this week.

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