greenville sc

once again im reminded that the people that i meet at my shows are what keep me going...ive been so blessed to have met the most inspiring people in these last few months. im so excited its like they are specially picked for me. ive had such a good time meeting people that i can relate to.

this past weekend i was in greenville sc. loved the city looking forward to revisiting...i was beside a new friend kim she was so cool we had such a good time she was from charleston i hope to see her again she made the show very so happy to have met her....
im so tired and burned out i have so much work to do, not that you want to know that, but i could sleep for days i love to sleep thats one of my favorite things to do...
thanks to all the people i have met in the past few months and all the kind words that you share with me. im so happy that my work inspires u and im so happy that we have crossed paths..
i did sell my soul mending cards....i was so excited that others related.


Sissy Sparrows said…
How sweet and rewarding to meet an admirer of your art. Sleep...what sleep. I feel I am constantly on my feet! Totally relate.

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