Sometimes im able to work a show and also have some time with family. i worked in burnsville nc this weekend and had a great show and in the mean time the kids were hanging out with grandma and grandpa.
im trying to take some pics of my booth but im not doing a good job im not liking the pics so that must mean my booth is not good because this is how it looks. i need a redo but cant seem to come up with how to do it. oh well i will keep trying. atleast remembered my camera this time.

the weekend was nice and quiet after work i took the kids to the river and we looked for trout and only found a crawdad. we picked up rocks and skipped a couple. christian loved it.

my mom cooked some good food for us all. we had no reception on the mountain so i did alot of reading and eating..yum yum. the sleeping was a bit much me and christian in a twin size bed. the weather so comfortable no air conditioning needed and the view was awesome. hopefully we can do it again for years to come..thanks to all who came to the show i had a great time. until next time .......


lisa said…
The kids are beautiful Michelle!! I miss you so much! But I see life is treating you good. LOVE YOU LISA LIGHTNER
looks like you and your gorgeous kids had a great time. your parents place seem like a dream or a movie that you wish that was your life :)

your booth looks good, clean. I have suggestion... maybe your could cozy it up a bit. Perhaps a nice carpet for the ground in a color that would grab your attention from another booth... hee hee... like red! Just a thought.

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