banner elk weekend. no pictures

i had my show this weekend in banner elk. of course i did not bring my camera. forgot even though i wrote it down not to. anyway it was a great weekend . it rained on saturday and sunday was beautiful. i met a lot of cool new artist at this show. i actually even bought some things that is rare for me being that i see the same things over and over and nothing seems to appeal to me, but this weekend i found some thing.. i will share with you as soon as i take the picture of it....i promise you you have never seen this....

on the other hand the kids start school in 2 days and i have 3 days to get ready to go to cary nc for a show on sat. so in other words im stressed before being stressed if you know what i mean. i can feel it coming on. therefore i should not be blogging right now i should be working which i was before i felt like i needed to write.

i sold all of my gratitude that was a good idea..

pics soonof my new favorite thing i bought.........


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