you become what you believe

well okay im over my last blog entry that was and is a struggle for me. and so life goes on and i have created a new design. which by the grace of God i was able to finish this evening, yes the kids destroyed the house and lots screaming and carrying on and well this is pretty much what i did do, so once again im behind on all my other stuff. i have to sacrifice to paint, which i dont do often because of that reason. oh well the summer is suppose to be fun for the kids that is, im trying to enjoy as much as i can. im not getting my work done so its hard for me because i want to work and i cant.
so here are some things that ive enjoyed doing while not working
staying up late sleeping late
working out
amusement parks
eating good food
visiting family from afar
play dates
watching movies
some cleaning not much though
running the kids here and there.....
yeah happy summer!!!!!!!


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